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Software Week [0] Meeting Updates

Meeting Notes

  • Covered class structure & how we code as a team @ Team Optix 3749
  • Went through the basic definitions and uses of Git, Github, WPILib, a few tools in the WPILib Suite, and FRC Game Tools
  • Most people got through making a GitHub account and installing Git
  • WPILib install took too long and had to cut other plans short
  • Rohin voice diff 😳


  • Install & sign into Git with an account made on GitHub
  • Install & set up WPILib
    • Follow the installation guide!
    • (OPTIONAL): Open WPILib VSCode & install the recommended extensions
  • Install FRC Game Tools
    • Only if you’re not on a mac!!!
    • Follow the installation guide!
    • IMPORTANT: We don’t have access to an activiation liscence key, so you’ll have to skip that step and download the free trial (Don’t worry, the free trial doesn’t expire or anything like that)
  • Complete the self-diagnostic
    • This is a really quick multiple choice quiz just to let us know of you preior experience so we can develop our curriculum for your needs

Goals for Next Meeting

  • Present with greater projection and coherence
  • Keep track of time & stick to a proper deadline
  • Wait for questions
  • Start code code coding!

Links/Supplementary Material

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