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Software Week [2] Meeting Updates

Meeting Notes

  • Most people were able to fork, clone, make commits to, and push changes to their java training repository
  • Sometimes branches in VS Code didn’t appear
    • This is because you need to include the copy all branches setting when creating a template!!!
      • This means you will have to make another template & clone it to get the branches on your system!


  1. Have your fork cloned on your laptop
  2. Complete the activity in the printing folder of the week1 branch
  3. Push your changes & send the link to your repository to us!
    NOTE: We, as leads, will provide feedback on the repositories you send us regarding your code, commit messages, etc.

Goals for Next Meeting

  • Code, code code
  • Stick to a proper timeline so that all topics are covered per week

Links/Supplementary Material

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