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Software Week [7] Meeting Updates

Meeting Notes

  • Introduced how we control the robot using active inputs, such as the joysticks on a controller, using default commands and lambdas
  • Introduced and explained our robot code project workflows
    • How we use branches to ensure the proper functionality and seperation of competition code and code being developed


  • Set up the repo you made last class with proper FRC branch workflows
    • Drivetrain code should be in a drivetrain branch
    • Shooter code should be in a shooter branch
    • Your main branch should ONLY have boilerplate code (Only what is generated by the WPILib project)
    • We will review and provide feedback on your code to ensure we don’t waste any time next class debugging simple issues
  • If you already tested your code and fixed any errors you were facing, create pull requests to merge your subsystem branches into main

Goals for Next Meeting

  • Test any untested code!
    • Drivetrain & shooter
  • Start other projects on VENOM
    • (Intake, NT, turret, shintake)

Links/Supplementary Material

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