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Software Week [1] Meeting Updates

Meeting Notes

  • Covered the basics usage & features of VS Code, java code structure & printing, and the barebones principles of Git & GitHub
  • We noticed that a few people had trouble with running java in VS Code, this is may be because you have your own version of VS Code open and not WPILib’s
    • Remember, the WPILib suite comes with a java compiler & creates its own version of VS Code already configured for it. If you open your other VS Code, you will have to configure it yourself


  • Use our Java Training Repository as a template
    • Use this template SS
    • View our slides from this week if you need a refresher on the terminology (We’ll be going more in depth the next meeting so it’s okay if you don’t understand most of it for now)

Goals for Next Meeting

  • Code, code code
  • Make sure everyone is on the same page
  • Stick to a proper timeline & agenda

Links/Supplementary Material

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