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Hey Open Alliance!

This is our new Open Alliance Blog Page! We’ll be posting everything from meeting recaps to team bonding activities!
Here at Team Optix 3749, we seek to create sustainable access to STEM opportunities in our community and the world! We strive to inspire a generation of leaders, paving the way for local and global change through STEM education. For Team Optix, FIRST is more than robots.

Team Structure

Our team is led by the president and four vice presidents–one for each departmart. Department and subdepartment leads are chosen by the VP.

  • Build
    • Fabrication/Assembly
    • Design
  • Technology
    • Software
    • Electrical
  • Outreach
    • Awards
  • Business
    • Fundraising
    • Public Relations
    • Finance


Author: Rohin Sood

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.