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Electrical Week [10] Meeting Updates

Meeting Notes

  • Continued project work
  • Kept working with the engineer’s notebook


  • Get board CADs done by next meeting

Goals for Next Meeting

  • Continue work
  • Finish CADs by the end of tuesday

Subdepartment Summaries

PCBGoals accomplished: Cleaned out and helped with the tech room. all that needs to be done is order the PCB.
Board (Flipped) Worked on CADing the rest of the board and designed a mount for the battery
Board (Regular) Lots of people absent, few cadders, not too much work done.
Wiring and Pneumatics While today nothing really happened, it was also very successful. We finished the wiring design for climb, claw, and elevator. So far we are just waiting on on CADing teams before we can move forward.

Links/Supplementary Material

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