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Electrical Week [7] Meeting Updates

Meeting Notes

  • Continued with projects
  • Waiting for build
  • Wednesday was a bit more fluid, lots of absences
  • Please mind your gracious professionalism.

Subdepartment Summaries

I’d like to note I saw a lot of working ahead, so great job this week! - Alex Z

PCBGoals accomplished: Introduced the problem we are trying to solve and the proposed solution we are designing for (hoola hoop vs tree), researched and found the screw terminal we will be using for the PCB, devised a plan to use 4 terminals split into 2 linked groups with 2 back to back terminals per group for a total of 32 holes and 16 ports, got a basic introduction to the concept of creating models for parts that don’t have circuitmaker models
Board (Flipped) SO flipped board team had a list from last week of all the parts we needed on the board so we measured them and made scaled models. We split into two groups to fill out the top and bottom of the board. Both groups used the same scaling of 1 unit = 1 inch so it was easy to overlap them and see where everything connects. OH and I learned to never draft in pen even if it looks better because there is always going to be something changed and it’s really awkward because you can’t erase pen… I’m glad everyone was productive in the flipped board group; we got a lot of things done!!!!!!!!!!!💕🤭
Board (Regular) Regular board seemed to create finalized designs for the board and are starting to work with build.
Wiring and Pneumatics Many people weren't here, but I saw a lot of planning (but also waiting for CAD). Very far ahead and good job!


  • Prepare for projects!
  • Bring your computers, subsystem leads please start planning goals for next meeting
  • Review the engineering notebook slides
  • Perchance look over the preseasons projects’ channels in discord

Links/Supplementary/Subsystem Material

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