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Electrical Week [9] Meeting Updates

Meeting Notes

  • Continued project work
  • Finally the engineer’s notebooks came!


  • LEADS: We probably will meet

Goals for Next Meeting

  • Continue work
  • Start heading towards the completed deliverables

Subdepartment Summaries

PCBGoals accomplished: More work, also cleaned the tech room to help out the team! :)
Board (Flipped) Today the Flipped Board group continued CADing the board. We decided to ditch CADing the components for now and focus on getting the mounting + plates in. We finished one side of the board and got useful information on the mounting holes. For next meeting we would like to add a battery mount and finish our CAD 😭👍
Board (Regular) Lots of CAD work was done today. However we are still not done with CAD. We worked on getting more mounting holes but we ran into problems. Still looking for mounting holes for battery breaker and air compressor. Wiring got majority of our plan built.
Wiring and Pneumatics Today the Wiring and Pneumatics team finizaled the design of all wires on the electrical board and plan to begin making a mock design of the board on Tuesday. However, we were not able to wire the robot.

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