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Electrical Week [8] Meeting Updates

Meeting Notes

  • Continued with projects
  • CADding started for board, however elevator/claw CADs had issues
  • PCB starts testing batteries


  • Plan goals for the next meetings if you have any
  • Review the engineering notebook slides
  • Finalize designs
  • Meet over Thanksgiving Break if necessary
  • Remember to focus and be graciously professional! 😊

Subdepartment Summaries

PCBGoals accomplished: School issues, and the work was saved on another person's computer, so nothing much second day. However, one the first day for pcb+battery we got everyone on the program but we only had one functioning computer in the end. We got the line of vias made and the 2 layers(?) and started brainstorming ideas on how to connect the vias i hope to actually like do things next meeting when I have a computer, and start designing more of PCB
Board (Flipped) Today Flipped Board worked on CADing the bottom portion of the board and working with Wiring to confirm a few things. I had to pull out my guided meditations because REV Robotics made all their parts’ CAD models with an 89* tilt so we couldn’t constrain anything 😭. We had to DIY bricks with mounting holes instead of using official parts, which was tedious but ended up working out. This also means Build might need to drill bigger holes on the actual board. We are nearly halfway done with the CAD!🥰✨
Board (Regular) Regular board seemed to create finalized designs for the board and are starting to work with build.
Wiring and Pneumatics Today the Wiring and Pneumatics team began planning out the CAN wiring of the board design. We currently have STAR topology planned out and next meeting the goal is to complete DAISY topology and make revision where needed.

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