Meeting Notes

  • Started projects
  • Some people still need certs

Subdepartment Summaries

Subsystem Summary
PCB Began Researching Battery Lug Screws --> This Presentation . Brief and Basic introduction to Circuitmaker; this will be redone more in depth later to include those who did not make it today
Board (Flipped) We figured out which components to put on the top part of the board and which to put on the bottom. At first we put a generous amount of components on top but then we found out we have limited space so we transferred all components that could be moved to the bottom 😅
Board (Regular) Regular board team brain stormed multiple ideas for the board layout. First starting with measuring out components and area for the board. Then we looked at different ways to balance the weight out on the board. We then looked at ways we could wire the components and looked for interruptions.
Wiring and Pneumatics For Wednesday's meeting the Wiring and Pneumatics team laid out where each subsystem motor will connect to the PDP.


  • Prepare for projects!
  • Bring your computers, subsystem leads please start planning goals for next meeting
  • Review the engineering notebook slides
  • Perchance look over the preseasons projects’ channels in discord

Links/Supplementary/Subsystem Material